Hey, we are darknebula.
We host services and stuff for family & friends. And yeah, maybe for you, too. 😊

What we host

How we host

All the services are currently running on a Root Server located at Hetzners RZ19 in Falkenstein, DE. The IP(s) in use are from Hetzner's AS block. Owner of the Root Server and low-level administrator is twink0r.
All services are running in containers powered by Docker. Authentication for each service is handled by OpenLDAP. All data is encrypted with LUKS, transport is encrypted with TLS and certificates from Let's Encrypt. Higher level adminstration is done by maride.

Policies and Rules

Simply don't be an asshole.
Being more precise, that means you should comply to the hacker ethics (e.g. as published by the CCC here) and try to improve darknebula as far as you can, and try to prevent darknebula from damage (e.g. if you found a weakness in a service: report it!). For example, darknebula has no rate limits (amount of git repositories, space occupied by nextcloud, ...). Don't overuse it.
We respect privacy. We won't monitor anything which is connected to private data. And we won't do so, ever. We'll never sell your data. Why should we...?


Come talk to us on #darknebula, hosted at hackint. You can also reach us directly via Telegram (@maride and @twink0r) or via Twitter (maride and twink0r).